Watch the PMDG 747-8 In Action [Beta]

Pmdg 747 8 Chewwy

Twitch stream Chewwy94 has been granted special access to the beta version of the upcoming PMDG 747-8. With access to the latest from PMDG, he took to the stream-waves and spent several hours going through new systems, features, view points and more that the community can expect upon release.

Chewwy covers things such as the new on-board systems, the PMDG Rain Maker, the brand new ACARS system and how it links in with the announcement of PMDG Global Flight Ops. There was lots of great things shown off in the 8 hour stream and even a few PMDG faces popped in to say hello.

With the aircraft now really being shown to the world, we can only guess that a release is closer than not. Just to save you time, release dates and prices were not mentioned in the stream by either Chewwy or PMDG developers.

Watch [P3D v4.3] ✈ KPAE – KSDF ✈ | PMDG Boeing 747-8 Pre-Release Beta!!! from Chewwy94 on

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Calum Martin

The author Calum Martin

I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. | View My Specs

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Why is it that gamers like this chewy person are granted access to the beta? We have a handful of real-world pilots on Youtube who could easily do a hands on with the beta and provide far more interesting and insightful commentary about the addon.

Good question, why?? This chewy almost destroy my interest about the PMDG 747-8. Fortunately for passengers Boeing don’t use test pilots like that…

Yeah I agree, although real world pilots can at times embarrass the devs by pointing out too much stuff that’s wrong. Froogle’s preview of the Rotate MD-80 with a real MD-80 pilot went negative rather quickly, and the devs were forced to go back to basics to correct many of the errors the pilot spotted.

@LightsOut I’ve been using simulators before Chuck Yeager’s Air Combat (1991). I don’t know what is the deal with the PMDG fanboys. They’re good addons but as far as caring about their customer base… they don’t really deserve all this attention because it seems that they don’t give a fuck. EVEN TFDI’s 717 is way more updated than NGX (and I said more updated, not better) and keep in mind that NGX is one if not the most used jet in the ESP engine. The problem with the PMDG is the lack of interest for older projects. I’m not a 737 pilot but I have a really good friend who is a 737 FO and I don’t know if you already have the opportunity to talk with a real 737 pilot you will know that PMDG is not that “PROFESSIONAL” like everyone thinks.

@Jari That’s what grates me about PMDG. They get to a point where THEY think their product is absolutely perfect and stop with the continuous improvement. Hell, even iFly completely blows PMDG out of the water in this regard.

If you have 400 people watching a plane take-off and land then you get stuff for free. I hate the word but we live in a world of influencers and content creators. Doesn’t matter if they are good enough. They have the audience to sell products.


Fair point but I think those YouTubers I mentioned have enough judgement as to NOT pass any conclusions/reviews on prerelease products and they would pass any glaring inaccuracies in private to the PMDG developers. The Airline2Sim first look at the FSLabs A320 was great and that was done by real world pilots I believe or at least very knowledgeable people.

Cause chewwy will always lick pmdg’s rear end, no matter the quality of the product since all he does is whack on the autopilot at 400ft

@lol just proved the point that pmdg is not giving a flying f* about quality anymore.

Do you want a Karl Sagan grading your thesis? Probably not.

These previews are always about limited information.. ie they dont want anybody tearing into an unfinished product. This is after all, a marketing move. They felt he will give exposure to the product and not go on a nitpicking mission. This was accomplished.

Exactly… pretty bad move from pmdg.

I actually don’t watch this “I’m veteran and always right” Guy. He is pretty childish imho. The only stream I saw… he blamed the IXEG VNAV during cruise and he was completly unable to fly without fmc, vnav and lnav. He don’t know how to calculate TOC, TOC, don’t know how to even fly a procedure using a chart. Apart that, his comments are pretty stupid sometimes… streaming for dozens of people and keep saying “your mom like it, your mom this, your mom that”. Also he is the MASTER CAPTAIN, everything that happens is not his fault. If someone is already at the gate he planned to dock.. “omg, vatsim this, vatsim that”. “I love VATSIM”. If the scenery afcad is messed up, he keeps blaming GSX for the failed pushback. “I Love GSX” and so on.

PMDG should gave to another guy. There are better, more mature and experienced streamers available for sure.

Welcome to 90% of the Twitch flightsim streamers (myself included, I like a bit of magenta-line flying as well :P)

If you are beyond a certain age you spend your limited time using the product yourself and not wathing some kids play with it – because this is 99% of P3d streams.

Another thing I hate is the constant greeting of people.

I would love to see him do a procedure on Pilotedge in something like the FlyJSim 732. He would shit himself.

I saw the title of this article, and I said to myself “not this jackass again… and why would PMDG give this guy who truly knows nothing about these aircraft an advanced free access BETA.” Then I was thinking let me read the comments and see if anyone agrees with me… lol ha ha I got my answer.

I am floored with the fact the PMDG would give this jackass access and let him promote this to public… PMDG you just fell way down on my ladder.

Not a happy camper

I bet Kyle is already thinking of ways to the blame customers for bugs that will show up on release.

ahem LM you mean. They still blame them for the CTD pop up display fiasco

i absolutely adored how LM wouldnt even talk to them about it lol. mega cold shoulder. i think PMDG wanted source code access or something along those line lmao

It’s painful watching this dude. How is it he has an audience? Or the ear of PMDG? I just don’t get it! Either I’m getting old, or i am getting dumb. I know…..i know….it’s prabobly a combination of the two!

@Matthias Actually I’m a proffessional sound engineer with over 15 years experience. And have lots of experience with aircraft. I know a thing or 2 about various engine variants and how they sound and their many intricacies. The GEnx does not have a buzzsaw as depicted in the video. A big reason for this is that it has 18 blades as opposed to the GE90s 22. And has a carbon fan blade housing as opposed to the GE90 aluminum housing. These are 2 characteristics that drastically change the sound of the 2 variants. And while there are certaintly some sonic similarities between the 2 types they have differences that are easy enough to pick out and that you don’t need to be “type rated B748 pilot” as you infer.

That’s why its still in ************BETA****************

I believe Chewwy had sexual relations with Robert Randazzo in Vegas. Robert loves the guy and all his under 13 year old followers.

*to give a reach-around. Damn auto-correct.

..and I bet Robert is not the sort of person give give a reach-around.

The stream could be worse. Could be a David Hodges stream.

Not really that interested in the -8. Wasn’t the QOTSII sufficient? Id rather see the 737Max from PMDG released and for FS2Crew to render the QW787 so I could get an integrated (FSFX + FS2Crew) long haul bird besides the 777 The dreamliners are taking all the sexy passenger long haul routes from the 777/747 (if one considers flying 8-16 hours with multiple crews over vast swaths of ocean for hour upon hour on autoflight sexy). Me thinks PMDG chose the wrong Boeing to invest so much in IMHO. Lineup should’ve been the 737Max, 757 and the 787. That’s where I suspect the biggest simmer Boeing demand is/was/will be.

Calum Martin

It’s worth remembering that whilst the 747-8 may not be that popular, it does contain a while bunch of newer Boeing technology found in more recent (and popular) aircraft. For example, a 787, 737MAX and the upcoming 777X.

I imagine this was a massive test bed for PMDG to develop their skills at this technology so when (if) the time comes they develop those jets, it’ll be a lot easier and quicker for them.

Well I can easily spend a season doing only hand flown bush missions or sight-seeing GA flights or spend months doing only long-haul cargo flights – those are the ones I actually do more when I have time constraints. In fact, I’ve been doing my VA’s monthly cargo flights for more than 5 years now. I love long haul – I get to preflight and take off from one exotic airport, let the autopilot do the work for 6 to 9 hours and then get to prepare for landing on another exotic airport. I’ve got tens of hours in the 747-4 and, before that, it was the MD11 and before that it was the lvld 767. For each simmer there’s a particular style of simming. Just because it doesn’t fit for you…

Not a happy camper

This “I don’t like it so nobody should have it” attitude bugs me to no end. Why shouldn’t they make the -8? It’s basically 80% the same as the -400, so it makes perfect sense. That being said, where the hell is the 777-200/ER/300?

Same here, I have all the PMDG birds and I will not be getting this one. I just checked my logbook and flew the 744 only once this year…the 777 not even once. I find longhaul flying extremely boring and rarely do them. When I do get the rare urge to do one I let it fly on AP while I go about my day but then realize there was zero point in even doing it since I wasn’t there except for takeoff and landing. I stick with under 2 hour flights 90% of the time but everyone has their likes/dislikes. I wonder if all the time spent on this thing will be worth it for PMDG…

Sorry that you feel that way but I have the opposite opinion of yours. I love the 747, the -8 is my chance to put my hands on some modern stuff and I only fly cargo. So this one fits me perfectly.

I find most long haul aircraft in general to be increasingly unappealing in flightsim. Sure PMDG make great and accurate recreations but a. I rarely have time or interest to do a 6+ hour long haul and b. even though short hauls are perfectly possible (it’s a SIM after all), it’d just feel weird doing them in these massive aircraft. I’d much rather have a solid E175 than a solid 787.

I have the same opinion. I don’t have any need for the 747 at all. The 400 will be out of service in the near future and the -8 is mostly a Cargo plane. It looks very nice, yes, but I surely will pass this aircraft. Wake me up, when they bring the 737MAX or the 737 NG3

If anyone watched the whole eight hours, I’d be glad about a summary of the most important points Chewwy addressed. I’m usually willing to watch also longer flightsim videos, but this is simply too much. 😉

What interests me the most: How does it perform? With all those new extra features like ACARS, EFB, Moving Map et cetera it sounds as if this could be the add-on that will finally kill my FSX (if those features are included in the FSX version at all). 😉 But since I muse about the switch to P3Dv4, I’m of course also interested in the performance there – since I suppose that Chewwy used P3D for his stream.

I only skipped to the take-off and landing, and I was surprised that the -8 sounds much like a 777 on take-off. I knew they have more modern and silent engines, but the similarities in sound weren’t that apparent to me when I watched some YouTube videos of real -8s taking off.

I’m a bit underwhelmed, a performance calculator that doesn’t fully work, the engine sounds are wrong and the texturing is just meh…

The plane isn’t even released and already feels dated to me and knowing pmdg there won’t be any improvements final after release.

Ofc it is dated. its a 1970s design….

You are a rated 748 pilot? Or do frequent trips on the flight deck?

Or are you just somebody who judges the sounds because he saw a YouTube video?

I agree. That sounded NOTHING like a GEnx. Infact the engine sounds sounded eerily similar to their Triple 7 sounds for the GE90. When I heard that massive grinding buzzsaw in the video when he did the takeoff I was like that is way off lol.

8 hours? Eight? He spent a whole day reviewing this expansion? This could be an FS record.

Yes you’re right. I’ve started watching. Half the time, so far, is he being interrupted by notifications.

You can’t call this a 8-hours “typical review” but more like a presentation with huge Q&A.

I’m guessing it will be a $50 expansion. The QOTSII is not exactly a brand new product. They may say it’s brand new but they already have the real world data they need from their previous 747-400 for FS9/FSX. This 747-8 requires a bit more work because last time they only created the exterior model for the aircraft. This plus the additional features like ACARS, EFB and taxi map makes me think that it will be at least a $80-$100 extension.

I would be so skeptical.
Base price for the Queen is 135USD but the variety of all models included (don’t forget about engine variety) is in my opinion absolutely stunning, especially when you compare it to 777 where you have to pay the same price for base version and you get only LR/F versions with one engine.

Knowing PMDG’s pricing policies you may need to add a few 0 to that sadly. Look the QOTS II; everyone expected it tobe at least 40% cheaper(90USD) but look where it got! really sad if it’s this much tho

Pretty newbie departure. Max power when that light, way over kill lol. Looks nice though. Looking forward to purchasing.

Yeah, I forgot everybody’s a fully qualified pilot on the internet.

He mentioned derates and assumed temperatures were disabled in the beta build, only max takeoff was available.

I really want say something about it but i’ll probably be banned so…

@santiago, i was banned for saying “the machine is still on Moira”

I’m still convinced that was a mistake.

@EstrayOne, I was banned after saying “You goddamn right”, trying to quote a Breaking Bad best.

I got banned from AVsim for saying “talk dirty to me” to a guy describing the feel of the 747-8 in the PIREP thread. bunch of humorless people

oh god, could you imagine another führer run FS-related resource on the web?

@lol Yes… but PMDG is not the problem haha

pmdg doesnt own this place. this isnt avsim.