Watch the Aerosoft Airbus Series Beta in P3Dv4.1


Over on Twitch, the Online Virtual Pilots Association (OVPA) have been busy streaming the latest version of the Aerosoft Airbus family. Specifically, they have taken the A318 from Palermo to Samos in this test flight.

You can watch the full 2.5 hour stream below. Make sure you give them a follow as they often stream beta aircraft before anyone else.

Just remember it is in beta with features still missing or broken.

Watch Online Virtual Pilots Association – Dave from OVPA on

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I”m going to assume that I’m the person you’re talking about. Pretty critical comments that I’m sure from your perspective are deserved. But if you think about it, you aren’t operating the software on your computer so you can’t possible know how it is or isn’t responding, but you write as if you know and that’s just impossible, right? Regarding the stream, it’s a damned if you do and damned if you don’t type thing. There were (and still are a few) issues with speed control both in the active and managed modes that the operator can’t intervene with, as well as other problems. Of course these will certainly be resolved before release, and the coders haven’t gotten to them yet. Why was it streamed in this state? We have hundreds of people who have asked to see the aircraft (in it’s present state, which again was nowhere near ready for release) and we obliged for their sake. If the aircraft wasn’t near ready for release, why would someone critique it? For my part, I also streamed the Dash 8 Q400 for 6 Beta years prior to release without a single negative comment, and I’ve been streaming the Leonardo Maddog X Beta for about a year with nothing but praise. If you take this information, and the Airbus stream in context, then you would certainly come up with a different perspective and narrative.

If people want to see Beta flights (which by the way is not the same as Beta Testing, which is long boring hours of specific testing and always performed offline – and some people seem to be confused about this), then you have to accept that there are going to be issues beyond the control of the operator.

Checklists. You know, I’ve been in flight sim for over 30 years and worked with many developers for over 14. I’ve also worked directly with hundreds of flight simmers and spoken directly with thousands more. After one has performed the same checklist IN FLIGHT SIM for a hundred times, it’s rarely used by FLIGHT SIMMERS. But more than that, at the time of the stream you guys have written about, the Airbus wasn’t even capable of having the checklist used. Of this is something you couldn’t know unless you where operating the software.

Look, it’s very easy to criticize a stream (though I don’t know why someone would waste there time doing so), but again with Beta software there is no possible way you can know how the software is reacting. I have a strong and thus far unquestioned reputation with developers and in the community for honest and candor, and when I indicated the a bug was causing a problem during the stream I’m not sure why anyone would jump to the conclusion that there was no bug and I was the problem. Besides, we knew it was incomplete software, right?

Finally, there was one or two people who continually confused a display flight of Beta Software with Beta Testing. I’ve already spoken to this, but it really needs to be said again. There is a WORLD of difference between Beta Testing and a Demonstration of Beta Software.

If you enjoy the Majestic Dash 8, you might know that I was one of four senior Beta Testers, ran a Beta Team for Majestic, and I was the primary Shared Cockpit tester. I’m doing the same with the Leonardo Maddog X which is presently being streamed.

If you are the type of person who just has to judge other people, then I’d ask that you listen to them, give them the benefit of the doubt when it comes to incomplete software (not the mention the fact that they’re taking their time to share it with you), can’t help yourself to judge me personally, then I’d ask that you do so with the Dash 8 and the Maddog.

My very best wishes to you.

You are all correct with this is a joke. Now wake up and purchase the FSL A320. The AS version will never come close. It’ll look nice and that’s it.. the systems/ failures will be a joke as well

This is terrible and should be embarrassing for Aerosoft. You’d think after the CRJ debacle, they would want a tighter marketing message for the first public views. All we get is a privileged beta tester doing a jolly while smoking a joint. The only thing i got out of it was the master caution annunciator seems to work well.

I believe without a doubt someone is handing over wads of cash to gain access to test these airplanes!! Because after seeing that shit show who in there right minds would allow them to continue testing??? They have no clue what they are doing!! How do they even get there hands on these things?? It’s obvious!! They should be dumped immediately. And then blackballed!! But noooooo….. money talks!! They couldn’t even test an abacus product as far as I’m concerned!!

Horrible stream…this guy has no idea what he’s doing. Beta testers should know how to properly operate the aircraft so that they can detect any abnormalities. That kind of “flying” is useless for testing.

I have to agree with the comments here..this was absolutely horrifying to watch. He clearly does not understand the aircraft at all. I’m not sure how he can pass himself off as a beta tester. Streaming something like this certainly does not do Aerosoft any favors. I recall another stream he did with the CRJ(?) and it was the same thing…he clearly did not understand the aircraft and blamed everything on bugs and wind (when there was no wind)!! I’m not sure if much at all was wrong with the Airbus, but a lot was wrong with the pilot! Not once did he admit he did anything wrong! He messed up the approach into Samos in epic fashion but then blamed the controller for giving him an immediate turn to avoid traffic!! And yes, as Mohamed mentioned he was claiming a very strong crosswind on the second landing attempt (after he crashed into the water on the first) and no wind at all was showing on the ND….mind blown..

Please tell me it is a JOKE!

The guy did nothin as it should be! He didn’t performed any checklist, and every alarm is called “bugs”!!

The best is at landing, he said there are crosswind! Look at the display and you see …./… for wind, mean no wind!

I think guys if this guys reprensent bet testers, we will have to wait for a long time before getting this aircraft!

The Aerosoft forum is it very open to critique. First of all by the operator and secondly by the brain dead follower (of course not all)

Has anyone brought any of this to the Aerosoft forum? Specifically to him?

Please remove him from the maddog beta team!!!

Advacing to T/O thrust with park brake on and blaming aural warnings as bugs. Says enogh about the streamer.

Appalling. Sincerely appalling. I wish I had not seen that. The streamer had no idea what he was doing. Might as well go wash my eyes with bleach.

Needs more overlays and frames. I can almost make out the screen content. Quick, cover it up. I turned that off after 30 seconds. what a trainwreck of a stream. Can’t say anything about the product, i saw nothing of that

Glad I purchased the FSL A320.

It’s this guy from their forums –

Given the bang up job the testing team did with the CRJ, I’ll just continue to enjoy my Carenado products. At least I know their stuff isn’t suppose to work half the time.

Who allows these guys to be beta testers? Did you see him attempt to fly that plane? This must be the reason we don’t have access to this aircraft yet. He’s calling all of his mistakes “bugs” as if it’s the aircrafts problem you don’t know how to raise the landing gear, or properly take a plane off the ground. Aerosoft…are you watching this? This is embarrassing.

But he also was a beta tester for the mess and f a CRJ. And up to this date he states that he didn’t have any of the well known problems.

But what concerns me the most: he is also beta testing the maddog! An aircraft I have high hopes for and really looking forward to!!

Let’s hope he is only testing the shared flight deck like he did on the Q400.

Why has this guy got the A320 AS Jesus.

Man, that stream was painful to watch.

And just think, this was supposed to come out in June, 2017 and then August.