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UK2000 have stated in a Facebook post that after some difficulties, they have set their sights on a release date for the Edinburgh scenery for X-Plane. The scenery is said to make use of many X-Plane features, such as Sloped runways, PBR and autogate. The post also included a few pre-release screenshots to display the fine artwork present in UK2000’s products.

Upon initial release, the scenery will include the following:

  • Custom Light FXs and halos.
  • Custom Taxiways so you can see the stand you are selecting in the UI.
  • Ground routes for AI (WT3).
  • Physical Based Rendering.
  • specular lighting.
  • Autogate safe dock and jetways.
  • Default static AI support.
  • Sloped runways.

On top of the pre-conversion features (From ESP platform versions):

  • Full detail Buildings.
  • Realistic Ground Markings.
  • Hi-Res ground image.
  • UK Runway markings.
  • Stunning Night Effects.
  • 3D Approach Lights.
  • Dozens of Airport Vehicles.
  • Excellent Frame Rates.
  • Runway Wigwags.
  • Full set of signs.
  • Fencing.
  • Grass edge effects.

It is also important to note that UK2000 have discovered a bug where the scenery’s sloped runways will not be sloped if the user is making use of Ortho4XP v1.20.

The scenery will release June 2nd will cost the standard £16.99 that UK2000 have established, and will be available on their site upon release. We’ll keep you updated.


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