TorqueSim SR22 Development Update 4

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TorqueSim has taken the habit to update the community on the progress of their SR22 on a regular basis. The 4th update starts with a statement concerning the COVID-19 situation and further elaborates their approach to the engine behavior model.

Covid-19 Statement

The TorqueSim team is currently monitoring the situation, and since the team works from remote places, they have been so far unaffected in terms of progress by the current pandemic. They wish everyone in the community the best health.

SR22 Custom Engine Model

To the core of this development update is the custom engine model the team has chosen to pick for their SR22. W hile the X-Plane internal piston engine model is a “good approximation”, the team has decided to go a step further and has developed their very own engine piston model. The new core has been in development for nearly two years. Running as its own multithreaded module, it now simulates many aspects of a combustion engine such as air flow, pressures and temperatures in each stages of the engine. This means that the presence of a turbocharger such as the one in the SR22TN has a direct realistic impact on the behavior of the engine, especially at high altitudes where the default X-Plane engine shows its limits.

Overall, the team has spent many months fine tuning all the math in the new engine model, all related parameters will have a realistic behavior.

The good news is that since the SR22 and the SR22TN are the “first aircraft” that will be equipped with this technology, it is fair to assume the future line of piston products of TorqueSim will also include this new core.

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