TFDi Design MD-11 Development Update

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TFDi Design has been silently continuing to work on the MD-11 and a new blog post from the development team shared some more details about we can expect from the aircraft when it eventually releases. The newest blog update showcases the work that has gone into the FMS.

The team said that “significant progress” has been made since the last development update. As with their 717 release, the FMS will receive plenty of attention to ensure that it functions just as the real aircraft does. The newly release animated images highlight that STARS and approaches are programmable, wind entry data, and the use of a custom runway at the departure airport. It’s worth noting that some features are even beyond that of their 717 release.

In addition, the team has also made good progress with the hydraulic systems within the aircraft. The logic is in place, but there is still plenty of development work still to go. The image below visualises the motor pumps providing power to system #1 after engine #1 has been shut down.


Very soon the MD-11’s model will be completed with the texture team then getting their hands on the aircraft. This will soon mean we can see the aircraft in the simulator.

To keep following development, head over to the TFDi Design forum. 

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