Tailstrike Designs Share Previews of Reggio Calabria Airport (LICR) for P3D

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Following on from our FSElite exclusive back in April, Tailstrike Designs has taken to Facebook to share their latest work regarding their upcoming Reggio Calabria airport scenery for Prepar3D.

The stunning screenshots show how PBR effects will be implemented into the terminal building. All reflective materials used in the construction such as metal and glass, and in some cases plastics utilising the latest PBR work-flow techniques, will be a welcome yet realistic addition for all flight simmers quests for realism and eye candy.

Tailstrike Designs rendition of LICR will feature a 3D surrounding cityscape, accurate approach lights, PBR and accurate modelling based on real-world photos, plans and videos.

We will keep you up to date with the latest developments of LICR as it approaches release.

If you would like to follow the progress of Tailstrike Designs’ projects then head on over to their Facebook page by clicking here.

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