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Sierrasim Simulations Previews Guayquil and Olmedo International (SEGU)

SEGU P3D (5)

Sierrasim Simulations has released more previews of their upcmoing Guayquil scenery. After a number of previews over the past few weeks, Sierrasim took to their Facebook page to show off more of their future release.

José Joaquín de Olmedo International serves Ecuadors main port city of Guayquil and also holds the title of being the seond busiest airport in the country with large flag-carrying airlines such as KLM and American operating major routes to their respective hubs and a capactiy of up to 7.5 million passenger movements per year.

The screenshots, while showing the airfield from afar, seem to focus more on the surrounding cityscape of Guayquil and what appears to be custom 3D models can be seen in an effort to accuraetly portray the cities skyline and major landmarks.

It has been confirmed that the scenery will be coming to FSX, P3D V 4.5 and P3D V5. While no release date was given, Sierraisim has told us to stay tuned for the release and from the previews given this may not be too long at all.

As always we will be sure to keep you up-to-date with any future previews or release date given.

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