Rotate Previews MD-11 Air System

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To continue their series of system previews in their upcoming MD-11 for X-Plane, on their website, Rotate has dropped work-in-progress previews of the air system in the aircraft.

The MD-11’s air system is modelled heavily in-depth with all pneumatic sources, all relevant manifolds, valves and ducts that serve air conditioning, ventilation, heating, cabin pressure and anti-ice systems driven by the Environmental System Controller.

Normal Engine Start Sequence

The air system as it passes from cold & dark (powered by EXT PWR), to powered by APU with AC ON, to ready for engine start (ignition selected and AC auto OFF).

All of the above allows for functions for automatic and manual modes of said systems. You can find the complete list of independently simulated components below.

We will endeavour to keep you updated on anything new that arises surrounding the Rotate MD-11.

Simulated Components

  • Engines and APU bleed pressure regulating valves.
  • Ground pneumatic sources.
  • 3 Air System manifolds, CAC manifold and Trim Air manifold.
  • 2 System isolation valves.
  • 6 wing, tail and engines Anti-Ice valves and ducts.
  • 3 Flow control valves.
  • 2 Trim air pressure regulating valves.
  • 3 AC Packs and Ground AC Pack.
  • AC manifold.
  • 7 Ducts and Outlets for all cockpit, cabin and cargo compartments.
  • Outflow valve and ram air doors.
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