PMDG Weekend Update, 737, 747, and 777

PMDG 777 PBR (1)

On the PMDG forums, Robert Randazzo has shared a good sized update on the future of their product lines and more.

737 NGXu

Starting with the NGXu, a smaller update was given for this product. The team is currently working on the BBJ expansion which will include the BBJ1 and BBJ2. The expansion will include all of the auxiliary fuel tanks, a custom interior, and “a bunch of other high-end goodies”. After this expansion, the team will be switching to the freighter expansion for the NGXu. The NGXu line up will also be getting a general update including bug fixes, enhancements, and more. This will come after the 747 and 777 updates.


The 747 will be receiving an update that will include many bug fixes, code tweaks, and more. The physics will also be getting an update to bring it in line with the NGXu. The new lifting physics should also help with the wing flex. The update was scheduled to go into beta yesterday, but the team is taking a bit longer than expected to get the update finalized as the update changes a lot of things with the 747.


Once the 747 update is done and released, the testing team will move onto testing the new 777 update. A big visual change is a complete remap of all the external models to include PBR, which will cover all three models on the initial release. This will be the first update to the 777 in about 20 months. This will include updates to the FMS, AFDS, physics, wing flex, and more. The EFB will not be in the update, as the team has already take under a large amount of work for not only the 777. Robert also went onto say that there will be a new expansion for the 777 line up to come. This will be the -200ER expansion. With the new hiring that PMDG is doing, they hope to expand the team to meet the new demands of keeping the current products up to date and for new products to be made as well.

The screenshots shared show the 777 with all three variants with PBR, also sporting the new PMDG house livery we came to find on the NGXu.

Once more information on the updates become available, we will be sure to share those updates.

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