PMDG 747-8 Screenshot NDA Lifted

Pmdg 747 8

The PMDG 747-8 has been on the radar for a very long time now. With lots of teasing throughout the development cycle, as well as new technology being shown off, it appears we are now in the final stretch in the run-up to release. On a private Facebook group, it has been confirmed by a PMDG beta tester that the NDA for screenshots has now been lifted. This means in the coming days, you can expect a flurry of imagery to flood social media, forums and the like showcasing the new aircraft. We took 2 from beta tester Evangelos. You can find the rest of his collection in the Facebook post.

If you’re unable to join that Facebook group, you’ll be pleased to know that over on the official PMDG forums, a singular shot of the aircraft in the twilight has been posted (header image above). Forum member ‘lasnubes’ said that “there will be lots more to follow, but this ought to get things rolling nicely for the moment..”

Taken by beta tester Evangelos.

Whilst we won’t post every new shot we can find, we’ll update this post every now and then. Either way, now you know you can soon expect some new shots of the upcoming PMDG 747-8.

Thanks to those that tipped us off about this.

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Another boring button pushing add-on. Shame they didn’t do a real aircraft like the 747-100/200. Of course 95% of flight simmers wouldn’t be able to fly it due to having to be hands on and navigate using INS. I’m one of the few that could. I guess the majority here only want to push the ‘go’ buttons and then look at the external views.

Lol…that’s funny. I commend your commitment to 1970s navigation systems. Of course if you were a real world steam gauge pilot, you would long ago, have made the transition to glass and auto flight (unless you flew cargo for a non major cargos carrier since UPS pioneered ads-B). Cessna 172s are all glass now. So you either are phony and collect a check flying button pushing airplanes while bashing simmers, or you’re a fake holding onto your made up real world purity virtual pilot. So how many NDB approaches have you flown at night in the mountains in a stiff crosswind in the real world recently (or ever)? #phonyego.

man why do XP cryboys gotta be so salty about their non-existent long hauls, just look at all the upvotes

Christopher Low

There is nothing wrong with “button pushing” and enjoying the view. Some of us don’t use flight simulators as training to become real world pilots. We do it for FUN. There is nothing wrong with that.

Well mark… i bet you are the kinda guy to tune VORs for 12 hours straight on a 747 flight.. then handfly stars and what not.

nah that cant be it. you probably smack x16 time acceleration :)))

English Fapper

You are an idiot Mar_R

By your logic, Tesla cars are “not real cars” compared to vehicles with less automation and more mechanical gauges. The world moves on, you can choose to adapt or throw tantrum and complain.

I was gonna reply to this douchey comment with a snarky response but i think the rest of you guys covered.

Andrew Thompson

Can I have your autograph?

I like flying both types. I put a lot of cargo hauling miles in the old Ready for Pushback 747 Classic that I think I own since FS98/2000 and I am looking forward to this 747-8 and everything new it brings to fs.

Mission accomplished Mr R. Did you stir the pot enough for your liking?

Brian Collins

OMG how much do you love yourself!?…. Good job really as i expect everyone else on planet earth is thinking you’re a big headed T…!

I guess the majority of us just want a relaxing flight after a hard day of work.

You are very narrow-minded. Since when is the 747-8 not a real aircraft? You still have to operate it properly and you still have to know how to enter and fly holdings or follow special approach procedures. The fact that you prefer to fly the old planes doesn’t make you a better sim pilot, you’re just simulating a different era in aviation history.

You are one of the few that could to that, OMG, can I touch you?

I love my button pushing addons. Is the 747 no longer a real aircraft?

Its school vacation time. The ‘button pushing’ kids have turned up here it seems. lol.

“95% of flight simmers”

12/10 seems legit

Another boring opinion!

Oh my gosh….. You’re a REAL 747 pilot!!!!!! Oh wait, you’re a pixel pilot. And a narcissistic one at that.

I’m excited about this aircraft. The level of complexity PMDG brings into the simulator world and the time put it makes this aircraft worth the wait. The presentation PMDG presented at the FS Expo had everyone on the edge of their seats.

I think your statement is quite elitaristic. In addition, those vintage aircraft are quickly been abandoned by real world airlines, time to get rid of steam stuff.

Whoa! This aircraft would be a great buy! But what about the NG3 (Which is probably the 737 MAX)? There haven’t been any update about the project since 27th of January. May you guys check with PMDG if they have any further news regarding the NG3?

There will be news when its ready, relax

Can’t wait for this one should be good as usual. And I would like to congratulate people who can hand fly the old 747s in a desktop flight sim that’s really cool……..

Matthew Cotter

Thanks guys.

Looking forward to it

I guess this means It’s realllyyy close…