PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Previewed

PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper Previewed FSElite1

After nearly 2 years of radio silence on the project since the last previews, it seems like the PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper project is back from the dead! In a Facebook post from PILOT’S, we are treated to a plethora of previews of the external model featuring full PBR implementation as well as some additional information on the project and a potential release timeframe.

In addition to these previews, we are told to “stand by for VC and 2D panel shots the coming weeks”. Furthermore, we were also told the aircraft will be released for FSX in addition to P3D, and that a release is currently scheduled for July. We’ll continue to keep you updated on the PILOT’S Boeing 314 Clipper as it gets closer and closer to a release.

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