Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux for P3DV4 Imminent Release

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Pilot Experience Sim has announced on Facebook [in French] the imminent release of their upcoming Bordeaux Mérignac Airport (LFBD) for Prepar3D V4. The developer also offered an extensive insight of the techniques and features of the scenery.

Modeling and texturing

The scenery uses a LOD19 photo scenery where roads match Orbx Vector roads and is 60km² wide. This means that the airport and the immediate surroundings are included. All buildings have been modeled in detail, with access to specific documentation. They are depicted in their current 2020 state. The terminals interior are modeled, and pilots tight on FPS will be happy to know they can be switched off.  The developer further explained that 99% of the textures are PBR materials – the remaining 1% uses photo realistic textures. Thousands of onsite pictures and satellite imagery have been used in order to achieve this. There are also static aircraft that match those that you can meet at the airport, such as the A310 Zero G.

Night lighting

A complete night lighting is provided. Many custom spotlights have been added in order to achieve the most realistic rendering of the ambient lighting. In addition, all aeronautical lights such as runway and taxiway lights are realistically represented. All these lights are dynamic, which will make them future proof according to PESim.

GSX, AFCAD and scenery details

The scenery will come with both default and GSX compatible jetways. The scenery layout is current to the real airport, for both aircraft and dynamic vehicles. All aeronautical details such as PAPI, signs are present, as well as SODE animated windsocks. Ground markings are HD and PBR also. They include cracks, dirt spots and water puddles. Many airport details can be added through a custom HD library that is provided.


PESim Bordeaux was designed with FPS in mind. Many options will be offered to the pilots, depending on the power of their PC. They will be able to switch between 2K and 4K textures. Cars on the parking lots and trees rely upon the autogen settings for density. 3D grass is only available as an option due to its impact on the FPS.


The scenery was designed to be compatible with all Orbx products, FS Global Ultimate Next and France VFR.

Scenery follow-up

The scenery will come with the PESIM Central software that will allow updates without reinstalling the scenery. As the current Bordeaux Airport is undergoing major terminal overhaul, the developer promises updates will come on a regular basis so the airport in the sim will match the status of the current works.

The Bordeaux Mérignac Airport is located in Bordeaux, in the southwest of France. It hosts a civilian airport that handles about 7 million passengers per year, and is where the both civilian and military final assembly lines of Dassault Aviation are located. The southern side of the airport hosts a military base, the Base Aérienne 106 (Air Base 106) where the French Air Force has some of its main headquarters. Finally, the Airbus A310 Zero G that is used by the European Space Agency is also based in Bordeaux.

No pricing nor release date has been set at the moment, however since the final previews have been shared, it should not be too long before it is actually released. Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further information regarding the Pilot Experience Sim Bordeaux scenery.

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