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PhotoSim Labs Shows off Further Previews of The Bahamas

Chub Nov7

Our friends at PhotoSim Labs has sent us further previews of their upcoming Bahamas scenery. In particular, they shared new previews of Cat Cay (MYCC) and Chub Cay (MYBC). The new previews are very advanced in development and are nearly a final build.

He is very interested in the use of photoreal scenery as he believes it makes for the most immersive flight simulator experience possible. However, from what he’s seen so far, he feels that elements could be done better. For example, autogen placement, colourisation and blending.

We don’t currently have a release date, but development has been on-going for some time. As previously mentioned, PhotoSim Labs intends to release two different packages during the first release, which will include South Bimini (MYBS) and Cat Cay (MYCC). Afterwards, he will release an additional package containing Chub Cay (MYBC) and Little Whale Cay (MYBX), plus a further bundle which will feature both Big Whale Cay and Great Harbour Cay. This will then cover the entire range of islands.

We’ll continue to update you with any new information.

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