Orbx Shares Massive Update on Australia V2

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Orbx’s first ever regions covering Australia was some of the most incredible scenery when it was released at the time. Still, even today it is an impressive feat and still holds the record for being the most popular of all of Orbx’s regions. However, whilst FTX Australia was a stunning product at the time, technology and data has since improved and as such, Orbx has spent countless hours updating Australia to a brand new version. Back in December 2018 John Vennema briefly shared some previews of Australia V2 along with some minor details during the 2019 roadmap stream. Today, we have been treated with a huge update post on progression, along with a range of stunning previews in a variety of formats.

Australia V2 is without a doubt the largest Orbx region ever created. With over 8 million square kilometres covered, it will give you hours of enjoyment of exploring the cities, outbacks and beaches that Australia is famous for. Along your journey, you will be able to explore any of the 370+ upgraded airports as well as the 280+ brand new airport. All of this as you overfly some of the 50 large-scale photoreal scenery areas, which include details such as salt lakes, mining sites and tidal areas.

Throughout the sprawling region, the new data made available to Orbx has meant that rivers, lakes and shorelines are now much more accurate and has seen a huge improvement. In addition, road and railways have been improved too. Thanks to the new cityscene technology, a detailed Melbourne Cityscape will also be included and general autogen buildings will see a huge improvement in terms of size and placement.

To better visually represent the significant changes with the all new AU Australia V2 from Orbx, a series of images have been released giving you the ability to compare before and after shots. In addition, a 360-degree view image has been taken from within Melbourne City to give you the chance to really explore what’s on offer.

When Orbx AU Australia V2 releases, it is going to be on sale for AUD $54.95 (approx. USD $38.50). It will be available for FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-4. A 40% discount will be offered to V1 owners and is expected to be roughly 21GB in size.


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Great Barrier Reef

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Full Feature List

  • Our largest and most popular region; close to 8 million sq km in full Orbx region quality. This is almost the same size as the contiguous US.
  • Ultra-HD Melbourne Cityscape
  • 370+ upgraded and 280+ all-new airports
  • Over 50+ large-scale photoreal areas of interest such as salt lakes, mine sites, tidal areas and many more
  • High-quality mesh, with high-resolution LIDAR data for the majority of the eastern/southern seaboard, major cities and Tasmania
  • Completely new lakes, rivers and shorelines – much improved quality and accuracy
  • Entire Great Barrier Reef in photoreal
  • Completely new road and rail networks
  • Improved and new landclass types
  • Hundreds of thousands of new geographical features; dry lakes, parks, railyards, industrial areas etc
  • Much-improved populated area shape accuracy
  • Completely new powerline networks, windfarms and other man-made features
  • Improved and updated bridges, harbour objects and marinas
  • Complete seasonal variations
  • Airports optimised for use with AI traffic, particularly our enormously-popular AI Traffic for Australia
  • Designed to work seamlessly with all 32 Australian HD airports and Cityscapes (on sale until the end of May!)
  • Completely compatible with FSX, FSX:SE and P3Dv1-v4
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