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Orbx Provides TrueEarth US Oregon Patch V1.01 Information

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Developer Orbx has provided some information regarding the forthcoming patch for their TrueEarth US Oregon Package for X-Plane 11.

Some users of this scenery have mentioned colour issues within the urban areas of Oregon. Orbx has taken to their forum to reassure users that they are aware of the blue and purple tones and are working on creating new ortho imagery from various sources to rectify these anomalies. Orbx has singled out the 2015 NAIP source imagery for Oregon as the main issue as this adds too much blue and red tone to the image. Whilst correcting the colours of most of the state prior to release, some urban areas did not respond well to their filters.

Orbx has also provided some work-in-progress screenshots of the updated urban areas from the HD version of TrueEarth Oregon. The same updates will be applied to the SD version with both patches being released at the same time.

From the screenshots, we know that the NAIP data sources are much clearer and sharper in areas, particularly around Portland, Hillsboro and Eugene.

This patch is scheduled for release for this weekend or early next week.

Both the SD and HD versions are now available to buy. The HD version of TrueEarth US Orgeon costs AUD $64.95(approx  US$44.05 | €39,73 | £36.35) and includes the SD version, along with high-resolution imagery and details. The HD version takes up 225GB of data on your storage device.

The SD version of TrueEarth US Oregon costs less at AUD $54.95 (approx US$37.27 | €33,61 | £30.75). It contains the same coverage area, just uses 2.4m/pixel (ZL16) sharpened ortho-imagery and takes 63GB disk space. You can buy it on Orbx’s website.

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