Orbx Announces Singapore Landmarks for MSFS

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Following the plethora of recent partnership announcements, the Orbx team took to the forums again, this time announcing to interested readers the development of their Singapore Landmarks product, set to be released for MSFS.

Singapore is the capital city of the similarly named Republic of Singapore, a small-scale city-state located in maritime Southeast Asia, bordering the country of Malaysia. The city-state is home to about 5.7 Mio. residents, boasting the second-highest population density in the world. Originally founded as a small-sized British trading post, Singapore gained self-governance status in 1959, eventually becoming fully independent on August 9th, 1965. Nowadays, Singapore is considered one of the world’s most developed economies that, together with Hong Kong, South Korea, and Taiwan, forms part of the Four Asian Tigers and boasts one of the highest GDP per Capita of any developed nation.

Famed developer Orbx has recently taken to their forums, indicating that the city of Singapore is now in the process of being faithfully recreated for MSFS by their acclaimed TrueEarth development team. The product is eventually set to include 150 distinct Points of Interest (POI), with 20 of them being handcrafted by their inhouse Havant Studio team, allowing you to get up close and personal with these particular landmarks. The developer additionally indicates that although not as detailed as the previously mentioned 20 landmarks, the remaining 130 POI’s are still geared to provide users with the optimal trade-off between detail and performance. The developers also claim that the product is set to include custom night lighting as well as terraforming across the entire coverage area. Finally, it is also set to provide numerous enhancements to the Port of Singapore and the adjacent industrial sites, located between Jurong Island and Changi International Airport (WSSS).

If you desire additional information regarding the product, please feel free to head over to the original post featured on the Orbx Forums. As always, we will keep you up-to-date regarding any future developments concerning this product.

Feature List

  • 20 high-detail custom landmarks including Supertree Grove, Helix Bridge, The Fullerton Hotel and the Old and New Supreme Courts
  • 130 medium-detail custom landmarks, balancing quality and performance.
  • Extensive terraforming across the coverage area
  • Unique laser lights on the Marina Bay Sands Hotel
  • Custom night lighting based on real-world photography.
  • Enhancements to harbor, port, and industrial areas between Jurong Island and Changi Airport
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