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Orbx Santa Barbara Previews FSElite 17

You may recall that Orbx Santa Barbara was announced back at FlightSimCon 2016, but since then it’s been extremely quiet with some wondering if they’d ever be able to add KSBA to their library. Fortunately, Orbx Santa Barbara developer Misha Cajic has today reassured us that the project is alive and well, and closer than ever!

(I won’t include every screenshot posted, as well over 40 were included in the original post. You can view them all here.

In addition to the huge amount of screenshots, some new information was shed on the project. Besides the, obviously, high quality rendition of the airport, customers can expect to see a 500sq km fully detailed scenery around the airport, covering the city of Santa Barbara, Goleta, as well as the mountain range that’s visible from the airport. Other features mentioned an additional lite landing area, 0CA3 Crawford airport, as well as advanced rendering, plenty of VFR landmarks and POIs, as well as OrbxFlow technology.

While no information was given on price or a release date, Misha did say that it is, “very close to complete”, and to expect more updates over the coming week. We’ll let you know when we have more on Orbx Santa Barbara!

(some more previews can be found below)

  • – Ultra-detailed rendition of KSBA Santa Barbara Municipal Airport
  • – HUGE 500km2 coverage area at 30cm/60cm /1m
  • – Beautiful rendition of the terminal, including interior modelling for maximum depth
  • – Additional “lite” landing area – 0CA3 Crawford Airport
  • – Custom vegetation and trees native to area
  • – Advanced rendering, ambient occlusion and night-lighting methods used for maximum realism
  • – Plenty of VFR landmarks and POIs to explore including schools, shops, factories, custom bridges and others.
  • – Full suite of ObjectFlow, PeopleFlow2, TextureFlow and more included
  • – Extensive control panel with options for alternative APX/AI configurations
  • – Strongly optimized for good performance with complex aircraft types
  • – Designed to blend seamlessly with FTX NA Southern California in both P3D and FSX/FSX:SE  – can also be used with FTX Global Base only, but might have a few small anomalies
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