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Orbx Announces SP1 for TrueEarth GB with Sneak Peek Previews

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John Venema posted over in the Orbx forum announcing service packs for TrueEarth GB for X-Plane, P3D and TE Netherlands for Aerofly 2.

We are to expect updates to TE Netherlands for AFS2 initially, followed by SP1 for TrueEarth South for P3D.

‘MASSIVE’ upgrades to TrueEarth South and Central for X-Plane seem to be the main focus of the post from John. The update to TE is to include hundreds of new points of interest, bug fixes and added PBR textures to hand placed scenery.

The screenshots below show Arundel Castle in West Sussex in all its PBR glory.

John promises a full preview post next week. To keep up with developments, head on over to the Orbx forum.

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