New Preview Video of Significant GSX Update (PBR, New Vehicles & More)

Although GSX from FSDreamTeam was released many years ago, the developers continue to surprise and delight with updates for the product. In the latest video preview from FSDreamTeam, a whole host of brand new features will soon be made available for GSX.

The large update will feature PBR material on a range of brand new custom designed objects and vehicles. From the brand new baggage loaders, new pushback trucks and fuel trucks – lots of new designs have been made with the new technology. This means surfaces will reflect in certain lighting conditions, and materials are now much more detailed. Further to the objects the humans have also seen a vast improvement with FSDreamTeam using native Prepar3D V4 skeletons to increase the bone count. This then means improved animations and better details. The video above demonstrates the humans interacting with the ground service equipment like never before. For example, climbing in and out of trucks, jumping over ropes and cables and much more.

Furthermore, many of the vehicles now have custom camera sets, meaning you can get closer to the action then ever before. Most objects now enable you to set up a custom camera to follow the trucks in a variety of cinematic positions. In addition, you can also ‘ride along’ in a first-person view, as though you’re pushing the aircraft back.

The update will be completely free for GSX owners. The new fuel hydrant will require GSX Level 2, but again, will be free for those that own it.

I have summarised the video features in the list below.

If you don’t already own GSX by FSDreamTeam, you can buy it from their store for $34.00.

  • New materials on all surfaces
  • DirectX text operator logos for easier cust
  • New human characters using P3DV4 native skeletons using PBR
  • More realistic animations
  • New and more vehicles – all PBR
  • New camera system, without need for additional tools with cinematic views appropriate for each object
  • New details on pushback vehicles, including towbarless pushback (raise aircraft up)
  • Try new 1st person view on many vehicles
  • New fuel hydrant – default in most with jetways. Used P3D v4, the model made from scratch. P3DV4 native features like object attachments
  • Human animations of them getting out of trucks etc and lifting up fuel pit.
  • Finger and hands animation on human models
  • Render to texture for interactive fuel counter showing different information (including fuel)
  • Pulls fuel bill from internet
  • Free update for all GSX customers (requires P3D 4.4+)
  • Fuel hydrant requires GSX Level 2
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