More Previews of Orbx openLC Africa for Prepar3D V4

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Over on the Orbx forums, Orbx’s Iain Emms posted three new threads showcasing various locations around Africa using openLC Africa. Orbx openLC Africa has been highly anticipated, it was due to release years ago. A range of reasons caused a delay to the product, however, openLC Africa is now in beta and nearing completion.

First, Iain posted some awesome shots flying around country of Senegal in western Africa. The Sahara Desert can be seen as it beautifully transforms into lush vegetation the further south you travel towards central and south Senegal.

Next we are taken to Kenya where the equator lies. Small villages and rugged terrain are the stars of the scenery in Kenya. You begin your journey across Kenya at the shores of Lake Victoria sprawling with green vegetation as far as the eye can see. As you travel further east, the green turns to brown sand as you encounter the small village of Bangali. Orbx has captured the transformation of the land perfectly and brings you one step closer to Africa.

Finally, we are shown the country of Libya in northern Africa. The Sahara Desert essentially covers the entire country of Libya, however, that does not mean a lack of detail and awe from Orbx. The star of Libya are the sand dunes showcased by Orbx. The sand dunes are very life-like and is very much a welcomed edition to this beautiful openLC scenery that will represent Africa better than ever before!

No release date was announced, however, with openLC Africa in the beta stages of development it should be released soon. Stay tuned to FSElite for more information on this and all your favorite addons in development!

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