UPDATED: [NEW IMAGES] More Drzewiecki Design Chicago City X Previews Shared

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UPDATE 16 April 2018 @ 12:08z: A few more preview renders of what looks to be KORD Chicago O’Hare have been shared on the Drzeweicki Design forums. Credit to IamMrPickles69 in our Discord for letting us know!

Having been just over a month since the announcement and first previews of their upcoming Chicago City X scenery, Drzewiecki Design are back with a few more to show off!

(it should be noted that the buildings in the previews below have indeed already been textured, but Drzewiecki Design aren’t quite ready to share previews of them just yet)

We checked the comments below the post for any new information, and all that we were able to find is that Meigs field will be depicted as it is in real life and is assumed to be compatible with Meigs from Orbx. The scenery really looks to be taking shape, and when anything new, whether it be information or previews, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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