UPDATED: [NEW IMAGES] More Drzewiecki Design Chicago City X Previews Shared

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UPDATE 16 April 2018 @ 12:08z: A few more preview renders of what looks to be KORD Chicago O’Hare have been shared on the Drzeweicki Design forums. Credit to IamMrPickles69 in our Discord for letting us know!

Having been just over a month since the announcement and first previews of their upcoming Chicago City X scenery, Drzewiecki Design are back with a few more to show off!

(it should be noted that the buildings in the previews below have indeed already been textured, but Drzewiecki Design aren’t quite ready to share previews of them just yet)

We checked the comments below the post for any new information, and all that we were able to find is that Meigs field will be depicted as it is in real life and is assumed to be compatible with Meigs from Orbx. The scenery really looks to be taking shape, and when anything new, whether it be information or previews, we’ll be sure to let you know!

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I appreciate Drzewiecki providing options to those who don’t want to, or can’t use FSDT’s upcoming O’Hare. I’ll probably end up using the FSDT airport and Drzewiecki city, as I do for New York.

See now you gone done it… Dem pissed off LOL now we ain’t never gonna get no sleep hehe

SO this is now the third ORD announced?? FSDT, Skyline (I don’t know much about them), and now DD… KSEA and now KORD overlap… I don’t know what to make of their decisions?

Skyline announced KORD/KCVG/ and one other… would be for P3Dv4 and XP. But that’s all I know of them is they announced that.

US sceneries have the largest number of possible sales in the FS world. Yes, we’d all like to see new airfields and cityscapes developed, but there isn’t always enough demand.

Best way to look at this is to be glad that there is a choice for the simmer.

Can you imagine how much more angry the comments from ‘lol’ would be if he didn’t have other choices apart from ORBX, FSDT, etc.?

FSDT is a no go with their cuatl garbage so they are a non factor
Skyline is XP specific so again, no real overlap here.

Only DD for the FSX/P3D platform as of right now

Hope it plans to include the “Vista Tower”…huge skyline development. Will there be anything done in the Chicago region? There is way more to the area than just a skyline. Extending all the way up to KPWK and as far west as KARR would be some awesome detail to see.

Isn’t this reinventing the wheel?

ORBX have included a beautiful rendition of downtown Chicago with Meigs Field, it’d be pretty hard to top the quality of their modelling and texturing imo.

Nah, you don’t get it lol. We all see you come here with your smarmy comments, but the problem is you make vast generalizations without actually being right much of the time.

Meigs includes a cityscape model that is current day, and includes plenty of landmarks that didn’t exist in 2003. In the same way that Kai Tak includes many skypscrapers not built in 1997 when that airport closed.

The modelling for the cityscape component is very very good, and was made by some of their most experienced developers. I agree that some of their models in other airports aren’t always great, but Meigs is one of their best.

I have to say, I really enjoy when you make quippy comments here, but of late you really are venturing more into the realms of just trolling developers. It’s a shame, your smart comments are far more entertaining and were one of the many small joys of visiting this website.

you don’t get it dave.

we want a proper Chicago not some vintage nostalgia namesake old people want to exist in.

as such orbx isn’t it and yes they are vastly inferior in building modeling.


I better remove all those vintage aircraft my hangar then. And Kai Tak come to think of it. Actually better delete St Maarten too since that looks nothing like it does these days. Pfft.

And have a look at that modelling at Chicago. BS it’s copy and paste, the modelling of the landmarks is sensational, and the texturing is sublime. Meigs is one of the best airport/cityscape combos I own.

I do wish DW best of luck with this project, I just question the need to re-do a city when such an exceptional version of the same place already exists.

maybe consider most of us don’t care for meigs, an airport gone for like 10 years now.

and DD’s modeling is better than orbx copypaste buildings everywhere.

Well, that’s a nice collection of detailed models. However, DD’s problem has always been textures – they’re ok, but nothing to get excited about.

Not sure why this was worthy of a preview anouncement by DD though.