MK-Studios Palma De Mallorca Release Timeline and Previews

Mk Studios Palma De Mallorca P3d (3)

MK-Studios continue to share previews for airports stated in their roadmap from a few weeks ago. This time, the focus is on Palma De Mallorca. The airport was teased a year ago in our Developer Month interview with the team, but these are some of the first previews of their project.

The airport has been in development now for over 2 years. Focus and attention have been put into getting the details right at the airport which serves nearly 30 million passengers a year. Airlines from across the world visit Palma De Mallorca, with most of that focus in Europe in the summer season.

Palma De Mallorca from MK-Studios is due to release during Q2 of 2020 (April – June).

Despite this being the 3rd rendition of Palma De Mallorca recently, the developer answered the question of duplication on Facebook. They said that there are two primary reasons for this project: the first being for commercial customers and secondly for those home users who stick with P3Dv4 and possible future versions of the simulator.

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