Microsoft Releases October 10th Dev Update

As promised, Microsoft is delivering the deliverables and this is no different with the October 10th update. Posted on the MSFS 2020 website, the October 10th update will give us more information on the feedback pipeline, the Tech Alpha timeline, and a build program update.

The first episode of the Feature Discovery Series has been released. Episode 1 will feature the world and will give us an in-depth look at the world inside of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The full 9-minute video goes in-depth about what to expect from the world in the simulator. Many of the talking points were highlighted in our technical piece, but this is the first time the presentation has been shared with the public beyond the Global event. You can watch the video if you’re an insider.

Microsoft gave us some insight on how their feedback dashboard is used and how features are implemented into the new sim. The amount of feedback after the recent Global Preview Event was incredible. The team will focus on feedback because they believe it is critically important to ensure the voice of the community is put into action.  The dashboard Microsoft uses contains a summary of all feedback collected from the community on a daily basis. Once this feedback is collected, the data is prioritized and assigned a current plan of action. As time progresses Microsoft will regularly provide the community a document called the “Feedback Snapshot” so we can see how feedback from the community is assessed and implemented. The first “Feedback Snapshot” will be announced in the next update.

Moving along to the Tech Alpha update, Microsoft will close applications for the Tech Alpha 1 next week on October 15th. If you would still like to sign up, head over to the Insider Area to fill out a survey. On October 17th, build release preparation will begin. Communication with those accepted into the Tech Alpha 1 will begin and will continue to run through October 24th. The release window opens on October 24th and those accepted will be granted access to the Tech Alpha build.

Finally, a build program update is expected to take place in the middle to late November. The recruitment for this tech Alpha 2 is expected to open near the end of October. A final date will be given in the next update on October 17th.

That’s all the information for now, check back with FSElite on October 17th for another Microsoft Flight Simulator update.

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