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Maps2XPlane has been dropping a set of previews every month focusing on key elements of their upcoming Seychelles4XPlane add-on. To kick off 2020, they’ve made a post highlighting Seychelles4XPlane’s two major airports with previews of the included 13 additional airstrips to come in next month’s update.

To start, below are previews of Seychelles International Airport (FISA). FISA is Seychelles’ main international airport located on the island of Mahé. Prominent airlines at this airport include Air Seychelles, Air Austral, British Airways, Emirates and Air Mauritius.

Maps2XPlane’s rendition of FISA will feature all the main facilities of the airport as well as the hangars of the Island Development Company and the base of Zil Air.

Seychelles’ second regional, but significant airport is Praslin Island Airport (FSPP). It’s located about forty-four kilometres northeast of the main island, Mahé. FSPP handles around over a quarter of a million passengers per annum and is served with scheduled flights by Air Seychelles and charters by Zil Air.

The developer didn’t include much information in terms of what’s features in this airport, however, I’ll just let the pictures speak for themselves.

And as a bonus, Maps2XPlane has included some bonus previews of the aforementioned thirteen additional airstrips located on the smaller islands of the Seychelles4XPlane archipelago. Further in-depth teasers of these airstrips are to come in the next update from the developer.

We’ll endeavour to keep you posted on the latest regarding the development of Seychelles4XPlane. In case you’ve missed it, you can catch up on any previous progress on the developer’s development blog.

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