LHSimulations Budapest Preview

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Not exactly much is know about LHSimulations upcoming Budapest LHBPv2 (LHBP) scenery. So far, previews have been far and few between, with very little know about this new version of the airport. Though this time too, all they shared was a single preview, it’s one we’ll add to the very slowly growing list of previews. The preview shows off a Boeing 747 on the taxiway, as well as a part of the apron. The apron even appears to have some apron clutter put in place, such as passenger stairs baggage cart, and even a bus and fuel truck can be seen. In the background, you can see a small part of the main terminal building, and a bit more of the new terminal 2B wing. We can also see two hangars in the background, which are being used for maintenance.

As always, we’ll keep you up to date as more news emerges on the development of this airport.

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