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Leonardo SH Previews FlythemaddogX PBR Textures

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Stefano from Leonardo SH has today provided some beautiful screenshots of the new PBR feature in the process of being applied to their FlythemaddogX product.  They expressed their thoughts towards the feature as ‘extremely excited’ and that they ‘[couldn’t] resist to show you the progress’ – and I’m tempted to agree; take a look at the screenshots below.

You can see how on the metal jet intakes, with the PBR applied, how it is reflecting the ground/sky as appropriate.  And on the fuselage, the surround environment is actually visible (I personally love how you can see the clouds off the bare metal!).

Stefano also clarified that PBR will be in the -83/-88 and in the -82 for everyone on the same day of release as the variants themselves, and that you won’t be required to buy the expansion to get the PBR feature – it will be a free update.

For the latest updates, you can always follow FlythemaddogX’s Facebook page, and of course we’ll always keep you up to date.

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