Laminar Research Previews X-Plane 11.40 Flight Model Updates

Michael Brown and Austin Meyer of Laminar Research have released a video today, detailing new flight model improvements in the upcoming X-Plane 11.40 update. The update will only contain flight model updates. Laminar Research is looking for volunteers to beta test the new update, details can be found in the description of the video. So-called little details of aerodynamics will be addressed.

I’m going to try to simplify this as much as possible.

Flight Model Focuses

  • Wake turbulence – more in-depth and sophisticated wake turbulence system that will include effects off wing-tips.
  • Change in the angle of air velocity – velocity of the prop = being able to find the force of the velocity and applying that to the model.
  • Wash spiral – better propwash effects, airflow will move more dynamically with the aircraft.
  • End plate effect – an end plate on a lifting surface (during a yaw maneuver) reduces tip vortex formation, meaning less lifting area is needed to produce the same lift force.
  • Wash across a propeller disc – when a propeller accelerates upwards, air travels faster with the propeller versus decelerating propeller downwards.
  • Delay wash – the difference in time between the time leaving the main wing and hitting the horizonal stabilizer/rear wing (if applicable).
  • Area rule – design technique used to reduce an aircrafts drag at transonic and supersonic speeds.
  • Wave shape – shape of waves and their independent effects on the aircraft.

Keep watch over the next few days for the release of the X-Plane 11.40 update.



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