JustFlight Shares Further Previews of Their BAe 146 for P3D

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In an update email to FSElite, JustFlight has shared further preview shots of their upcoming release of the BAe 146 Professional for P3D, exhibiting never seen before AirFrance and British Aerospace House Liveries.

The BAe 146, affectionately known as the ‘JumboLiner’, is a 4 engined short-haul aircraft built by British Aerospace between 1978 and 2001. nearly 390 aircraft were built to fly for airlines all over the globe such as Flybe, Continental Express, Australian Airlink and the Royal Airforce. in 2016 40 airframes were still in use.

JustFlight has included the 100/200/300 variants of the aircraft for P3D. Their naming of the product ‘Professional’ would suggest the level of detail included in the release will be in-depth. Throughout the development process, JustFlight has been granted access to G-JEAO (seen below in Air France colours) an airframe currently preserved at the De Havilland aircraft museum and the Royal Flight’s ZE701 based at RAF Northolt.

Scott from JustFlight commented: ‘Development moves at pace on the 146 Professional currently (our X-Plane developers are beginning early work on that version too – more soon) with the majority of the modelling work now complete and the first of the liveries finished now, including the iconic Dan-Air livery.  These screenshots show the livery along with completed PBR along with chrome engines too’. 

We will be sure to keep you up to date with the progression of the BAe 146 for P3D but to read more on the development, head on over to the JustFlight BAe 146 product development page.

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