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Just Flight Preview Upcoming C152 in X-Plane 11

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Not content with having just released two new aircraft, Just Flight has shown off some previews of their upcoming Cessna 152 within X-Plane 11, which has been in development for a little while now.

In a post to their Facebook page, the ever-busy developers have shown a handful of new screenshots of the baby single prop. The screenshots show off the immaculate exterior of the aircraft, including every little detail down to wear on the fuselage panels.

No word just yet on a release date, but in the post, they shared the link to the product page which should hopefully indicate an impending release. With it being a popular plane in other simulators, we’re excited to see it perform in X-Plane.

Check out the screenshots below, or click through here to the product page on the Just Flight website.

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Ben Childs

The author Ben Childs

As a simmer for more than 20 years, Ben can be quite opinionated about our hobby. He started out on FS95 and found himself switching to X-Plane in 2017. He works full-time in the automotive industry as a parts interpreter, and when he's not in the virtual left seat, he can be found in the garage tinkering with cars and motorcycles.

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Andrew Thompson

I use both P3D and X-Plane but I’ve held out on purchasing the C152 in P3D in favor of utilizing the better flight characteristics that are in X-Plane as it is primarily the sim I use for general aviation. I look forward to the C152.

I thought about buying it. Finally tested it in a friend’s house. My first thought was “Lucky I haven’t bought it”. My friend isn’t happy with the purchase. The behaviour of the plane is not realistic.

Saying that a product havee been tested by “real world pilots” adds no value to the product because even Carenado says that his products have been tested by real pilots, and everybody knows that the planes from Carenado lack realistic behaviour.

@Angel: 100% with you on that one. What I don’t understand is Martyn’s reply – I hadn’t realized he was Just Flight’s given his reply below seemed to confirm the product was not good; perhaps it’s just the way this site shows the reply in the wrong order.

But to come back to this reply and the underlying logic… “FSX/P3D and XP11 versions of the product have entirely different flight dynamics” / “only our testing team have flown the XP11 version” / “FSX/P3D FDE was created with the assistance/feedback of [him + real pilots]”.

So I understand that the P3D version was created by JF but possibly not tested by them(?) and that the XP11 has only been tested by them. Not sure, it’s not clear to say the least, but the fact they have two products of the same exact plane with completely different flight models is certainly not reassuring. And from the logic above, it seems that neither is realistic, one has been created with the help of pilots but perhaps not tested enough, and the other one has only been tested by other people than real pilots.

You can check some community forums where the opinion differs from these reviews. Just make a search.

I’m talking about the P3D version

The triming motion is a crap, the lift off during take off have nothing to do with what the aircraft does in real life. Sorry, but I have flown the aircraft in real life too and that’s not the way.

The FSX/P3D and XP11 versions of the product have entirely different flight dynamics, and only our testing team have flown the XP11 version covered in this article. The FSX/P3D FDE was created with the assistance/feedback of real-world C152 pilots and instructors – myself included.


Martyn – Just Flight

Looks awesome. This will my first XP purchase.


Yes, thanks, that’s exactly what I meant. Even though the publisher of those videos is clearly not familiar with aviation, the problems are still very much visible and audible in those two videos. I think that’s mostly what I had watched before and which made me change my mind when I was about to buy the product. I’m flying a 152 on a regular basis, and I just don’t recognize it (on top of the bad-looking and heterogeneous menus and so on). The behaviour, the engine, the flight model are clearly off-mark.

Perhaps I’ve been too spoiled by great vendors like A2A, Dreamfoil, and others like DCS content producers, but if I’m buy and most importantly, spending time on a sim, I’m looking for something realistic.

That’s not the feedback that we’ve seen in the video reviews?

Just make sure to watch a review first, not sure the P3D version was such a good deal…