Just Flight 747 Classic Renders And More Coming Soon

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When Just Flight announced their 747 Classic back at FlightSimExpo in June, it was received with much fanfare from those who love flying old school jets, and it being study level* was just icing on the cake. Today Just Flight has shared more renders of the new aircraft and a teaser of what’s to come.

In addition to these renders came a teaser of sorts that they’ll be revealing more, much more in fact, about the 747 next week and we should stay tuned. This is very exciting news and the preliminary renders are looking quite good, when more information is released on this bird, we’ll share!

*comment about it being study level was sourced from a comment by Just Flight under the announcement post on Facebook back in June.

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John Moore

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From a young boy enamored by the size of airliners, to a giddy flight student on his first flight at the controls of a plane, I'm a stereotypical aviation enthusiast. From the instant I felt the forces of takeoff, I was hooked and would start down a long path of gobbling up as much knowledge as I could about planes. Currently training for a PPL, and aiming to study to become a dispatcher, aviation has and will continue to hold my heart for years to come. | View My Specs

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Hold on – where’s the real 747 non-button pushing pro-real-pilot from the 747-8 post of last week?

Not a happy camper

@Storm it would be fine (great, actually) if they gave the option to fly it with a decent FMC like some airlines did in its later years, but don’t kill the INS.

You nerds got suckered again. Lol. Only have to look at the previous post and the upvotes. Slaughtered. Obviously can’t see the humour he had.

One thing that will ruin this add-on is a bad FDE and basic Systems modelling. Please give both these full attention. I don’t care if the external model isn’t perfect or close.

Guarantee shortly after it’s released, you’ll have users wanting a FMC installed. No no no no no.

Speedbird ATC


Can a real pilot who flies the classics please tell this guy hes flying 747’s on a flight simulator at home on a desktop.. please ? You need an actual check ride or in this case.. a reality check.

I’m too busy flying Study level 747-100/200 models I helped develop (never released to the public).

Also I’ve been signing autographs for my adoring fans. Answering fan mail etc.

And selling my t-shirt line – “I can fly using an INS and you cant’”

Hence no time for the ‘forums’.

lmao top kek post, yeah where is that guy?! He needs to show us all how its done!! …..ahem Kappa

Probably trolling the PMDG forums or something

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

Never liked there 747 series…don’t think I’ll go to it either after having pmdg’s…


Speedbird ATC

First of all this is a different 747, second it will hopefully be done as a study level

Calum Martin

I spoke to Just flight at FSExpo and whilst this won’t be “study level” it will be of a high quality.

Can they put an INS in the DC10 HD first? That product will be FOREVER incomplete without the INS for long hauls. The FMC they include is total junk. The old version had the INS and it worked great in FS9. C’mon just flight give us the INS!

at least we can get good fps with it in preparv4 (+30 all the time on my potato)

Not a happy camper

I’m not sure what was going through CLS’s mind. They had something good going with the first version, then threw it all away by ditching the INS with the remake.

Really interesting plane for oldschools guys like myself. A must buy from me. Who needs fmc anyways?

Not a happy camper

Looks pretty cool. Hopefully it’s everything that other 747 by Just Flight/CLS wasn’t.

Speedbird ATC

Seriously considering masturbating to this photo. (Fun fact I actually jerked off to the first renders of the 747 v3)

Speedbird ATC

@Daniel Dankers I will be soon

Not a happy camper

This comment is made me lol

lol you’re married to this hobby.

Daniel Dankers

Are you ok buddy?

You have some issues man

Is it really study level? It’s got a looong way to go but if done right it will a phenomenal addon!