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Jetstream Designs Previews Milano Linate for MSFS, Coming Soon

Jetstream Designs Milan Linate Msfs (10)

Scenery developer Jetstream Designs has shared new previews for Milano Linate Airport (LIML) for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The real-world airport has seen an extensive amount of work over the past two years, all of which Jetstream Designs has included with the new airport product. Milano Linate Airport (LIML) is the smaller of the two main airports in Milan, but still sees plenty of traffic to and from the Italian city. Alitalia has made Linate its home and serves airports across Europe including London, Hamburg, Geneva and Frankfurt. With the airport being so close to the city itself, it has some strict restrictions on airlines and routes that can operate to the airport.

The new previews from Jetstream Designs highlight the new concourse which has been built, along with the new terminal which has seen a completely renovated area on the landside part. In addition, the team has created the new Linate Prime area and updated the ground textures to reflect the current layout and markings.

It has been confirmed that the airport will release for Microsoft Flight Simulator “very soon.” We’ll keep you updated once we learn more.

Jetstream Designs has already released Orly for MSFS and also Nantes Aiport. We’re keen to see which airport they announce and bring to the new sim next.

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