JARDesign Group Previews Avitab for Airbus A340-500

Jardesign A340 (3)

X-Plane aircraft manufacturer, JARDesign Group, has released previews of their upcoming Airbus A340-500 with the integration of Avitab.

JARDesign first announced their A340-500 product back in 2018 with initial renders of the aircraft. With the latest screenshots of the aircraft’s cockpit, it is evident to see that great progress has been made with the development including the addition of the multifunctional Avitab. Avitab is capable of displaying any PDF format file such as airport charts, aircraft checklists and standard operating procedure documents that you may want to access right from inside the cockpit. Avitab also has a live map function that will display the aircraft’s current position on either a topographical, satellite or general reference map. 

JARDeign confirmed that the aircraft will have full implementation of SIDs and STARs when operating to and from airports.

JARDesign commented that the aircraft is currently in Alpha testing but it may be quite a while before we see the aircraft on sale.

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