IronSim Announces Kalymnos Island Airport

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IronSim has announced in a forum post on the FSDeveloper forums they were currently developing Kalymnos Island Airport (LGKY). The scenery will feature a dedicated orthoimage, custom mesh, autogen, custom airport buildings and PBR textures.The previews show the work in progress of the general look of the island, and the work on the PBR textures.

The release is planned for this month (July 2020) and it was announced as a payware, however no pricing was disclosed. Considering the previous releases by Ironsim, the scenery will probably be in the €15 range and for P3D only.

Located in the Aegean sea on the island of the same name, the Kalymnos Airport was opened in 2006. It is currently served only by Sky Express and features a 1135m runway that sits on a plateau in the western part of the island, rendering the approach quite interesting when strong winds prevail.

Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further information regarding the Ironsim Kalymnos Island Airport.

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