IRIS Flight Simulation Software Showcases MSFS Previews

IRIS Flight Simulation Microsoft Flight Simulator Aircraft (1)

It has been confirmed that the developer NDA for their third-party content has been relaxed a little to be able to show still images for their products from within the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The developer showcased three aircraft which they are bringing to the platform. Those aircraft are the Grob Twin Astir, the Jabiru J-170 and finally the PC-21.

All three aircraft are of course, very early on in development and appear to be at all various stages in the development cycle.

Speaking in the comments of the Facebook post, IRIS Flight Simulation said that the Jabiru J-170 is the closest to being completed so likely to be the first to come to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. The team is looking for pilots of the type if anyone is available to support the tuning of the flight model.

IRIS joins the likes of PMDG and Gaya Simulations who have already shown off previews for their products in the new simulator.

As more developers showcase their work in the new simulator, we’ll let you know.

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