iniSimulations Reveals A300 BelugaST ON THE LINE Trailer

After noting that their latest aircraft had moved into beta testing just last week, aircraft developer iniSimulations has premiered a trailer, showcasing some features of their upcoming A300-600 BelugaST ON THE LINE aircraft for X-Plane.

The video premiered on YouTube and showcased the aircraft in action as well as the Hawarden scenery, commissioned by iniBuilds to accompany the aircraft upon release.

The BelugaST was developed from the manufacturer’s first aircraft, the Airbus A300-600 and is used to transport Airbus aircraft parts to and from its manufacturing hubs around the globe.¬†

iniSimulations chose to include some important features that will accompany this release, including an all-new navigation system, integrated standby instruments, a modern IDC radio tuning panel as well as some updates to the ECAM system and EFB. The developers have also included a highly detailed cargo bay with working operators panel which is used to move cargo in and out of the bay and nose of the aircraft. The video demonstrated the custom ground vehicles and the different types of cargo that can be carried, from aircraft vertical stabilisers to spacecraft equipment.

The video also presented some features of the free Hawarden EGNR airport, created by ZeroDollar Payware. Hawarden is located in North Wales just four miles from the English border and is home to Airbus’ Broughton factory where wings are made for the A320/A350/A380 aircraft.

No information regarding pricing or timescales were issued on this occasion but with the aircraft currently in beta testing, it shouldn’t be too long to wait. The BelugaST will be a complete release and will not require any other aircraft to operate the cargo giant. Although, owners of the A300-600R aircraft will receive a 25% discount for the BelugaST.

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