Infinite Flight Airbus A350 Previews


Infinite Flight has posted several previews regarding their Airbus A350WXB aircraft for the mobile simulator.

For those who are unaware Infinite Flight is a mobile flight simulator and has grown in popularity in the last few years. Development of an Airbus A350 has been in the works for some time and now, with this latest forum post, we get a good look at the aircraft from several different angles, some more information about the aircraft. There are always small updates or previews that never make it to social media, but the Infinite Flight development team has compiled everything in these previews with a small bit of information regarding each preview.

The first previews cover the unique and A350 wing profile and wingtip. 3D artists have worked hard at this and at times they feel the need to see what the aircraft will look like after it has been in and out of the paint shop. This helps them determine whether or not the UV Unwrapping is ready to be worked with more. The first Airbus A350 to roll out of the paint shop for Infinite Flight 3D Artists was Singapore Airlines.

We will now head inside to the flight deck to cover the next set of previews. The most asked question is, “Will the buttons be clickable?” There was no clear answer posted but the team will keep buttons and switches within “thumbs reach” during certain phases of flight. This will allow the user to keep both has on the device at all times during flight and so that the pilot does not have to reset their view everytime they wish to make a change to the overhead of adjust the autopilot. For now, they will still animate the new screens, buttons, and switches that are tied to the 2D interface. Not everything will be functional straight out of the gate, but the aircraft is being built by Infinite Flight, so they will have complete control over the entire aircraft and development and will be able to add to the aircraft as they see fit with updates.

If you wish to read the entire development post, it is available to read and enjoy on the Infinite Flight website. Also be sure to follow them on InstagramTwitter, and Facebook. Their YouTube channel is also a great place for training and sneak peeks of current and future product development.


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