Indiafoxtecho Shares Roadmap, Announces New Aircraft

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Indiafoxtecho has brought to Facebook their Microsoft Flight Simulator vision and product roadmap for the upcoming months. The team starts by reminding the community that they have a team of contractors they helps them spread their work between projects. Indiafoxtecho emphasizes that all of the MSFS projects are not ports from their pre-existing FSX and P3D assets but are whole new 3D model and textures that are designed from the beginning using the MSFS standards.

There are currently 10 projects in the work, and the team will unveil them as the time goes. These projects will be divided into 3 tiers. Tier 1 aircraft will be the aircraft that can be fully integrated in the MSFS current code. The team goes on with announcing that their next tier 1 aircraft will be a Sukhoi 31, an Aermacchi MB-326 and a Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk. Indiafoxtecho then explained that their Tier 2 aircraft will also simulated within the current code of MSFS, but that they require more work in order to comply with the MSFS code. There is currently one aircraft which was announced is a Macchi M-346. The tier 3 aircraft goes further in complexity and the team is not able to simulate them as the wish given the current Microsoft Flight Simulator SDK right now. The team has started working on the F-35, Eurofighter and F-14 Tomcat for MSFS. They however do not expect any release before Q3 2021. Finally, the team shared a bunch of images of their current work in progress. You will find below a summary of the announced aircraft.

Indiafoxtecho New Aircraft Summary

Tier 1

  • Sukhoi Su-31 aerobatic plane
  • Aermacchi MB-326 jet trainer
  • Douglas TA-4J Skyhawk jet fighter

Tier 2

  • Macchi M-346

Tier 3

  • F-35
  • F-14 Tomcat
  • Eurofighter

That is a lot of projects to follow, so make sure to stick around FSElite for further news on Indiafoxtecho and other developers.

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