IndiaFoxtEcho Previews Rutan Long-EZ for MSFS


Aircraft developer IndiaFoxtEcho Visual Simulations previews the Rutan Long-EZ experimental aircraft, designed by Dino Cattaneo, for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The Long-EZ is a highly efficient aircraft, designed with a forward canard and large winglets for fuel efficiency, it can travel a range of 2000 miles (3,200 km).

The aircraft was presented over on their Facebook page, along with a few updated images that reveal the outside detail and the interior changes. The interior modifications include instruments that are now larger and more accurate. In addition, the main panel has been redesigned to keep the six-pack steam gauge look. Furthermore, all non-functional controls have been removed for more simplicity in the cockpit. “In general the planes flies well,” says Dino, as he has worked with a few Long-EZ pilots who have tested out the aircraft in the new simulator.

The developer plans to have the aircraft tested in the final version of MSFS. Once tests are complete, the aircraft will be available on SimMarket for approximately 15.00€.
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