Imaginesim Barbados (TBPB) Close to Release

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Imaginesim has briefly announced in a Facebook post that while they were aiming at releasing their Barbados (TBPB) scenery for this week-end, they were unlikely to do so even though they were working hard on it. They also previewed a couple of other screenshots showing general overviews of the airport at night.  The airport will feature the “usual suspects” such as, custom dynamic lighting, custom autogen and more. The developer further stated in a comment that the airport surroundings were modeled within about a mile around.

Interestingly, the scenery was originally planned for a private customer but will be released to the public after Imaginesim received the authorization to do so.

You can see a other rounds of previews here and here. Stay tuned on this frequency for further updates regarding Imaginesim Barbados (TBPB).

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