HoldMyBeer Previews Cessna Citation X Project


German X-Plane developer HoldMyBeer has taken to their Discord Server over the past days to share previews of their newest project, being the Cessna Citation X. After releasing their freeware Cirrus SR22T-G6, the developer has began work on their next project. The Cessna Citation X is an American business jet with 3,460 nautical miles of range and server a typical seating of 8 passengers.

Questions were addressed to the developer from members regarding the RealityXP GTN750 and its compatibility with the aircraft, to which Monky declined saying that the aircraft “has full featured FMS.” The developer has previously worked on the freeware Cirrus SR22, however there is no mention of a pricing point and release plans at this time for this current project.

While there is currently no feature list, HoldMyBeer has mentioned that one of the features coming to the aircraft will be different flight display variants (CRT & TFT).

To find out more about HoldMyBeer and the current Cirrus SR22T-G6, you can visit their website and for future previews and talk about their upcoming projects and the Cessna Citation X, the developers Discord Server is open to all.

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