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GSX Seasonal Clothing Update

GSX will receive a free update this weekend, adding seasonal clothing.  With a short YouTube clip, FSDreamTeam is previewing this newest update, showing the parking marshaller in different kind of weather conditions.

Previously, marshallers were always wearing the same clothes, regardless of the weather. After the update, there are several variations available for the clothes and high visibility jackets. In the preview, short sleeve shirts, heavy high-vis coats, gloves, shorts and tank-tops all make an appearance, though it is unclear if there are more variations. Furthermore, the trailer shows a slight layer of snow on both the marshaller and the clothes during snowy winter operations. If the weather conditions will also apply to other figures in GSX, such as the pushback walker or baggage loaders, is yet unknown. You can find some screenshots taken from the video below.

A full changelog for the upcoming GSX 2.7 update is not yet available.

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