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Genoa XP by Gaya Simulation and Aerosoft Trailer

The pre-release trailer for the new Genoa XP by Gaya Simulation and Aerosoft has been released. The 2 and a half minute video showcases what users can expect from the scenery when it launches “very soon”.

The feature list has also been revealed informing us that there will be 187 sq km of photoreal coverage surrounding the custom modelled city and harbour of Genoa. Furthermore, there are a range of highly detailed static models, custom objects and more to enhance to immersion for the user. Finally, the trailer confirmed that the Gaya Simulations has implemented the new SAM plugin – designed to be an interactive module similar to that of SODE for P3D users.

No confirmed date or price, but the Facebook post suggest it’ll be “very soon”.

  • High resolution photoreal coverage of 187 sq km
  • Includes custom models for the city and the harbours of Genoa
  • Well-detailed, accurate and high-quality renders of Genoa airport (LIMJ), including baked/pre-rendered shadows and realistic transparency of the terminal windows
  • Unique, realistic and accurate airport night light (runway, taxiways, aprons, surroundings)
  • Accurate and realistic ground poly based on photos and satellite images
  • Large number of custom objects dedicated for Genoa airport and city – cars, trucks, buses, airport equipment, boats (many types), static aircrafts, and more
  • Landable helipads at Sheraton Hotel and City Hospital
  • Accurate renders of the harbour and many objects along the approach
  • Realistic and accurate ILS offset of 2 degrees
  • Animated jetways, VDGS and hangars (SAM plug-in required)
  • 3D volumetric grass between taxiways
  • Massively optimised for good performance
  • Animated ships around the airport
  • Custom mesh for the airport runway over the sea (by Maps2XPlane)
  • Custom-made realistic static aircrafts, including:
    • Bell 412 SP (Guardia Costiera)
    • Hughes NH-500MC (BredaNardi)
    • Piaggio P-180 Avanti
    • Piper Archer 2 PA-28 Aeroclub Genova
    • Canadair CL-415 VIGILI DEL FOUCO
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