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Back in January, Orbx confirmed that developer Marcus Nyberg is working on bringing Stockholm-Bromma to Microsoft Flight Simulator. It has been a little quiet since then from Marcus, but a series of previews were shared for the scenery over on the Orbx forums over the course of the past week.

The new previews have a good amount of focus on some of the outer buildings within the airport area, as well as on some of the scenic lighting in the area. For example, there’s a good number of buildings, signage and even 3D people throughout the airport in key locations. Static aircraft also seem to be prominently placed for maximum realism. In addition to the previews shared below, a range was also shared earlier this month which you can view on the Orbx forums. So far, the work looks particularly stunning with an incredible amount of detail going into creating the Swedish airport.

As with other airports developed by Marcus Nyberg, Bromma Airport is developed to a high standard with 4K texturing, hand-crafted aerial imagery and hundreds of custom objects all designed to bring the airport to life. Marcus has also taken advantage of the new SDK technology meaning you can expect a sloped runway, PBR texturing and impressive amounts of detail without compromising the performance of the simulator. Orbx’s Marcus Nyberg has also crafted over 100 points of interest throughout Stockholm city itself to give that perfect view during the approach into Bromma Airport.

Stockholm Bromma Airport (ESSB) is the third busiest in the country and sees numerous airlines, jets and GA traffic pass through each year. Approaching the airport will take you right over the Swedish capital with views spanning stunning vistas and parts of the city.

Whilst a release date wasn’t set by Marcus, we’ll be sure to keep you informed of progress when we learn more.


  •  Bromma Airport in exquisitely detailed 4K depiction
  •  High-detailed 4K textures, with a majority featuring PBR and normal maps.
  •  Stockholm City with 100+ incredible POI’s, giving a lot to explore
  •  Beautiful hand-coloured custom aerial imagery for the entire Stockholm city area
  •  Sloped runway
  •  Stunning representation of the airport surroundings  with an incredible amount of detail, including the old hangar area that now serves as a shopping centre
  •  Developed in collaboration with Bromma Airport management
  •  Incredibly detailed 3D modelling and texturing
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