FSElite Exclusive: Previews of Turbulent Design’s KGPI Glacier Park International Airport

KGPI P3dv4 01

Turbulent Designs were kind enough to send us over some FSElite exclusive shots of their upcoming KGPI Glacier Park International Airport. The new shots below show just how building a scenery just for P3DV4 allows developers to create something truly realistic and detailed. Turbulent Designs said that by “concentrating on one platform has not only allowed us to focus on going above and beyond with detail, but has also ridded us of the need to create performance intensive “workarounds” for older platforms.” They went on to say that “Being native to v4, we hope to bring as many v4 specific features as possible to KGPI.”

“This first batch of screenshots focuses on the terminal area of KGPI. Although we’re not ready to show “airside” yet, we hope that these screenshots demonstrate the level of detail to expect from KGPI.”

This is the first time we’ve seen a developer well and truly stick to their guns and develop for a modern sim. As you can see from the shots above, they really do make the difference.

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Love the wood under the roof. (at the picture with the cross over) I think we can thrust developers with what they make and how it effects our sim. They share the hobby. Afcource most attention from what we as a (sim) pilot see from the gate untill take off.

I think it looks awesome and progression is a good thing. That is why we are where we are at now with all PC and console games. If it weren’t for the next developer raising the bar with more detail, then everything would still look like it did 20 years ago. Looking forward to the release.

While I am all for details, do we really need pedestrian crossing signs? I’ve never looked inside the terminal of an airport or such. Hmm


Time consuming, yes. But this is a hobby of ours, so we enjoy doing it. 😀

Resource hungry? Maybe, but that depends on how you do it. Textures are being reused elsewhere in the airport and everything is low poly, so there would be no performance boost from removing it.

As with our other airports, everything is done with performance in mind, and extra features are optional. We wouldn’t needlessly force performance intensive content on people. If you don’t like something, you’ll be able to disable it 🙂




Hi, I do mean the whole parking lot area, no only the small yellow sign, I do model scenery as well and creating textures, modeling sidewalks, signs, etc with great detail in a parking lot area is time consuming, Could be great to have a poll to look if simmers are spending that much time in a parking lot. Great work btw 🙂

Do they really need to put stop signs in the middle off the road for Americans to stop drivers??? Is it America that full off idiots that they’ve put stop signs in the middle off the road’s over there now, LMAO


A few 10 poly signs will have zero impact on your framerate. They also took literally 15 minutes to model and texture 🙂



I do agree, it looks superb but is such a waste of resource (And time for the developer), I would prefer detailed interiors but just at the gates, where you interact when boarding / unboarding, FPS would be even better. Developers should not be pushed into creating ultra detailed parking lots, it makes no sense at all.