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FSElite Exclusive: MK-Studios Keflavik Previews and Details

Mk Studios Keflavik Fselite Exclusive (4)

Since the release of their Dublin and Tenerife North scenery, the MK-Studios team has been working diligently to release their awaited Keflavik airport scenery (BIKF). The airport in Iceland is known for its challenging approach in unfavourable weather. That weather is a staple of the airport itself and changes how pilots taxi and manoeuvre the airport. We are pleased to bring you exclusive new information and previews for the airport.

For starters, the airport will feature even more advanced PBR technologies from the ground to the buildings itself. The team has been working extensively on improving their techniques, which has future simulator platforms in mind. This is important for MK-Studios to help prevent heavy transition costs to customers.

Another new feature we can share with the community is that the ground texture will vary depending on the weather conditions. In the screenshots below, you can see that the amount of snow on the ground depends on the weather within the simulator. If the snow is heavier than the amount on the ground will be greater. This will add a greater challenge to virtual pilots and more care will need to be taken.

Above: Notice the difference in build-up on the ground. This is dynamic depending on the in-sim weather.

Beta testing will soon start, with a release between February and March still planned.

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