FSElite Exclusive: Milviz T-38C Previews

Milviz T38C FSElite Exclusive 17

While it’s been a while since we heard or saw the last of the Milviz T-38C, today we’re glad to bring you new previews of the upcoming aircraft!

You may or may not have noticed our recent King Air 350i exclusive post where we stated that Milviz had been kind enough to send over their upcoming T-38C for us to preview, along with the King Air 350i. With the 350i’s time in the limelight having passed for now (we have more content on that aircraft planned), it’s now the turn of the T-38C!

You all know the venerable T-38C, the U.S. Air Force’s premier supersonic jet trainer, and the successor to the T-38A featuring new engine displays and other improvements that come with a maturing aircraft design. Needless to say, the aircraft needs no introduction so I’ll get right to the previews! Obviously, all these shots are work-in-progress with anything subject to change as the aircraft progresses further:

As usual with these early preview posts, there’s much that can change in the aircraft between now and release so I feel it would be unfair to comment on anything system wise at this point in time; I’ll leave that to the review we’ll be doing once the aircraft is out. Suffice to say, it’s a usual Milviz quality product: extremely high end, and this aircraft in particular, with all its complexity, is certainly not for the faint of heart.

That’ll be all from me for now, but we’ll be back in the coming weeks with more on the -38C as my confidence and proficiency with the aircraft grows. While you wait, why not check out some previews of the King Air 350i we posted recently? It’s as gorgeous as the T-38C is!


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