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FSElite Exclusive: First Cockpit Previews for FlyJSim Q4XP

Q4XP FSE Preview 3

We are extremely pleased to partner with our friends at FlyJSim to present you the first-ever public look at the cockpit for their upcoming Q4XP product. The brand new previews represent many, many hours of hard work from the team to make the Q4XP as detailed and realistic as possible.

There is still a long way to go in terms of work, but the team are very excited about the progress they have made so far. There are several features modelled in the screenshots (and some you may not be able to see), with many things really setting the aircraft apart, and be special to fans of FlyJSim’s past work.

FlyJSim announced the Q4XP back in December 2018 and has been actively sharing previews for the exterior modelling, with the most recent previews showing off some of the liveries which will be included with the product. FlyJSim also took part in Developer Month back in April, so we encourage you to also give that a read to find out a bit more about the team and their inspirations.

Thanks again to FlyJSim for sharing these first shots of the cockpit. You can follow the team on Facebook or Discord to stay updated with development previews.

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