FS2Crew Provides Further Preview of Ultimate Ground Crew X

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Bryan from FS2Crew has been busy lately – and he’s back to provide some further updates on the progress of their upcoming Ultimate Ground Crew X, or UGCX add-on.

I’m going to give a bit of a bullet point summary of the information that came up as a result of the post as it’s somewhat scattered, but all interesting.

  •  Some folks on the beta team are ramp crew in the real world, so they’re working to ensure the add-on has a high level of realism.
  • The add-on is, at this point, feature complete – meaning no more features will be added now at least until it’s released.
  • UGCX will integrate with GSX – and Bryan expects most people to use both – in the sense that you can use both products at the same time; i.e. use GSX for catering and boarding, and UGCX for pushback.
  • The add-on will have user options so that you can adjust to US versus European procedures.
  • There will be two possible pushback modes: computer generated, which uses the AFCAD, or a “Better Pushback” style feature where you can create your own waypoints for specific pushback directions.  (It’s mentioned that this feature will be very easy and fast to use.)
  • Pushback will be able to be controlled by either voice control or menu control; further, multiple voice sets will be included.
  • Towing will be included; this is slightly unclear, but it sounds like you will be able to be towed into the gate, or from one gate to another.
  • In terms of different models, there will be four pushback tugs, one follow-me car, and two fire trucks.

FS2Crew also provided a preview of one of the models that is visible above.

No word yet on a release date, but Bryan is working to release it as soon as possible – while making sure it’s as perfect as possible!  Follow us here at FSElite to stay informed of updates to come from FS2Crew!

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