FlyJSim 2020 Update 2, Shared Flight Alpha, Q4XP

Shared Flight Developers

FlyJSim has shared with FSElite a preview of the upcoming Shared Flight, their multi-person crew plugin for X-Plane. After probing the community, FlyJsim has finally rounded up which add-ons would be compatible with Shared Flight at the launch of Beta Testing. This list is only a beginning and will be further expanded in the future. It comprises an extended range of aircraft that covers many of the most popular aircraft add-ons currently available for X-Plane, and ensures most type of flyers will be able to try out the family of aircraft they enjoy.

Shared Flight Release Compatibility List

  • FlyJSim 732 Twinjet V3
  • FlyJSim 727 Series V3
  • ToLiSS A319
  • ToLiSS A321
  • FlightFactor 757 Collection
  • FlightFactor A320
  • FlightFactor 767 Collection
  • Laminar Research B58 Baron
  • Laminar Research Cessna 172
  • Laminar Research 737-800
  • IXEG 737-300
  • Hotstart TBM-900
  • JustFlight PA28 Arrow
  • HoldMyBeer SR22
  • Carenado Bonanza
  • Zibo 737-800
  • Rotate MD-80

The team further stated that Shared Flight is currently in Alpha testing since 29th July, with a team of 70 testers that have been picked on the FlyJSim Discord server. FlyJSim further added that the feedbacks were very positive so far. More Alpha invites will be sent out to users as the development progresses. As a teaser, FlyJSim has shared with us the example of a Shared Flight that took several attempts to land in Madeira on VATSIM, using the Zibo 737-800, and emphasizes the need CRM in difficult situations.


Moving on to the currently under development Q4XP, the team has progressed well in the past months, with the UNS-1 having received the most efforts. This has been made possible by the recruitment of Amy Parent, a Scottish programmer that now oversees the development of the UNS-1 flight management system. This has enabled FlyJSim to go very deep in the reproduction of the UNS-1 unit, which is not only an interface with the X-Plane routing function but a complete stand-alone system. FlyJSim are excited to showcase the deep level of simulation they are trying to achieve with the UNS-1 through several videos posted on their Youtube Channel.

Make sure to stay tuned on FSElite for further exciting news regarding these two promising add-ons.


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