FlyingIron Simulations Further Previews Upcoming P-38L

Flyingiron P38 09

FlyingIron Simulations has taken to their forum today, to share more previews of their upcoming P-38L for X-Plane 11, a WW-II Lockheed Martin developed aircraft nicknamed “Lightning.” In the images posted, they showcase the landing gear of the aircraft, as well as the airframe and exterior.

Furthermore, they have mentioned in their post that work on the liveries and Particle FX side of the aircraft is in development. Their post continues, mentioning refining the sound to include spatial positioning and tuned distance attenuation. The flight model side of the upcoming aircraft is largely complete, with the FlyingIron Simulations team now focusing on the coding section and the flight controls of the aircraft.

Regarding the current testing phases of the aircraft and how it performs in the simulator, FlyingIron Simulations has mentioned that they do get 75+ FPS in the OpenGL version of the simulator, while seeing a slight boost in the Vulkan one.

While there is no definitive feature list of the upcoming P-38L, you can check out FlyingIron Simulations on their forum, where they will share future updates and previews of the aircraft, as well as information regarding development.

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